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Monday, September 22, 2008

Beautiful "Fall" Day

Hey everyone... This is my first time writing here and I just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope everyone is having a good Monday morning. Here in Ontario, Canada, it's pretty chilly but still beautiful. Time for layers, layers, layers!!!

I'll just explain to you all who I am and what I do so you know who you're speaking with as well as why I'm writing this blog and what it's for.

My name is Nykki. I am currently a University student hoping to become an elementary teacher or even high school teacher. I'm writing this blog on the side of working and school purely for fun. I'm using this blog to express myself artistically (poems, lyrics, etc.) and semi-professionally :P (discussion topics, polls, opinions given on certain events and/or activities).

Anyone can comment on my blog, I am definitely open to discussions on new topics. I hope you all enjoy my blog! Thanks everyone for visiting :)

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