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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hilary Duff is right everyone...

I think this is sooo cool. I know some of you might not care, but as someone who used to say this all the time, and, like in the video, not really realizing what I was saying, this is very important for you to watch.

Not only does it value homosexuals, but also heterosexuals. The first, in the way we aren't representing "gays" as bad or stupid, like in this video where she says her shirt is "gay", meaning bad. The second, in the way that, if we say we accept those with a different sexual orientation than us, saying "that's so gay" makes us such hypocrites.

Think about it next time you have the urge to say something or someone is being so "gay".

Just a thought...

(Check out Hilary Duff in this very important video)

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