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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honesty... its a tricky thing...

You know, after taking several classes in how to listen properly, how to formulate a proper apology and how to tell someone how you feel about them in a way that doesn't offend them, really opened my eyes to proper communication.

Even though I have this knowledge to back me up when something bothers me, not everything happens the way its supposed to.

Take for example today! I lost a close friend of mine. I've only known her for 3 and half years, but hey, we had a lot in common. I tell her one honest thing, she blasts me and has now deleted me on facebook. Wow, as if being deleted off Facebook these days means something real. Insane!

Anyway, its ridiculous how even after high school, people in their 20s still act like they're in their teens. Its disturbing and at the same time, its a waste of precious time and effort.

You know, friends come and go, so its no biggie, but sometimes its hard to let go those that affected you in a most profound way. The way she did, she was a great listener. but was horrible at actually understanding the most simplest of things which led to many fights.

Oh well, life is tough. You take what you can get and you figure out how to deal with it.

I lost a friend today, I'm one day closer to finding out what kind of person I want to share my secrets with and hang out and shop with.

Honesty is one tricky thing...

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