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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heroes on the chopping block?

What is wrong with society? Is reality TV too good a concept that actual interesting symbolic and meaningful television shows are no match for you? Are you kidding me?

It seems to me, from articles on the net and interviewees, people don't prefer shows like Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Samantha Who?, etc. They prefer shows like: Survivor, American/Canadian Idol, Dancing with the stars, The Amazing Race, etc.

I understand the attraction. I used to watch Survivor in its first two seasons. Sure it was fun at first, but honestly? It got boring; too monotone and déjà vu with every other season!

And what about shows like Dancing with the stars and American Idol? I agree its entertaining but is it as entertaining as Heroes or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Or even 90210? I remember premiere week this fall where 90210 had a great opening episode but the week after, it sank because of Dancing with the stars premiering. Its stuff like this that are causing our good fun fictional shows being canceled.

Check this out everyone! I just read today that Heroes might be the next show to get the ax. I find this infuriating. Here, you have a great show. Its not necessarily for the whole family but its a fun concept, its always interesting and every show has its ups and downs, I can't deny that. But to let this show die because of which person Paris Hilton wants to choose as her BFF is playing at the same time? URGH! Utterly ridiculous!

Think about it next time. Reality or Fictional, what we've always watched since we were kids. The shows that made it possible to create new amazing fictional shows. Its always been there and with your help, it always will. Reality TV has got to go! Who's with me?

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