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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jonas Brothers the new Hanson?

Hey everyone... So obviously, I've been away for a while kind of neglecting my duties as blogger :P, but I'm here now, school isn't so bad that I can take a little time out of my day to write you a little snippet of blah!

I was talking with some friends this weekend and something hit me: The Jonas Brothers remind me of Hanson, the 90's band that every girl swooned over at the time. I don't know about you guys but when Hanson came out, I absolutely loved them! Jonas Brothers, I will admit, are on my list now of bands I enjoy listening to.

The Jonas Brothers are this decade's Hanson. Its incredible! First of all, girls go crazy for them, second of all, any song they have on the radio hits the roof how much its loved, and last, they have amazing voices.

The only difference I can see really is the appearance: the hair :P. One group has long straight hair (Hanson) and the other has curly hair (Jonas Brothers).

I think that the Jonas Brothers will have much more success than Hanson, even though Hanson are actually touring right now and haven't stopped making music.

All in all though, We live for bands like Hanson and Jonas Brothers! Keep on singing fellas!!!

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