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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Show

Hey Everyone... For those who know me, I sing. I participate now at a Conservatory of Vocal and Dance training. I really enjoy it and decided to participate in the show this year. Later on today i'll post a video of my performance but as for now, i'll just talk about it.

The show was great! I sang This is Me from Demi Lovato. I know, its a christmas show but we didn't have to necessarily sing christmas songs. So it was great! Some people sang christmas songs like Holy Night and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Some others sang stuff like Walking on Sunshine, When the Lights go Down, and Gunnin'. So it was pretty fun to see the diversity!!! Also, the cutest thing ever was a broadway group of 8 year old girls doing Its a Hard-Nod life, was just the cutest thing in the world. Some forgot their lines some didn't remember where they were supposed to go and the person that would boss them around was shorter than any other girl there. It was priceless.

The show is going to give out dvds of the performance once everything is compiled. I think that's a pretty cool gift from an 8 year old.

I definitely enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to other experiences in the future.

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