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Monday, December 22, 2008


Well everyone... we're on the 13th day of the Oc Transpo strike.

How is everyone doin'? Did you get to your exams okay, students? Did everyone find a ride to finish their Christmas shopping? How about buying your groceries? Did you end up taking a taxi spending a chunck of cash you could have used somewhere else or even then, saving it?

For someone who this Oc Transpo strike affects, this is getting ridiculous! I finished my Christmas Shopping yesterday. For those who know me, I am fairly organized and finishing my shopping yesterday can not be tolerated.

I took a taxi the other day to get to a friend's place to hang out. Throughout the entire 20 minute taxi ride, the Taxi driver was finding every excuse to talk about the strike. I thought: "okay, sure i'll bite". So we started talking about it. Now, this is the type of thing you don't discuss with me as it clearly affects me in every way. Well... he doesn't know me so he thought why not?

Well, let me tell you that by the end of the taxi ride, I just wanted to jump out before he even stopped the car. He wouldn't let me have a word in at any point in the conversation. He would ask me a question and once I started, he would cut me off and automatically contradict me. Everything I said was wrong. "The bus drivers have my support 100%. They deserve more than what those people are giving them." But him, someone that has a car, that can work in these conditions, does his opinion really matter if he doesn't even take the bus?

Unfortunately, I didn't discuss this further with him as we reached my destination. Needless to say, not everyone in this city wants Oc Transpo back.

The one thing that bothers me is that this is affecting the entire city, not just one type of class or certain titles. Everyone! Students, Seniors, Government/non government workers, those in poverty, etc!!!

I just hope soon enough, someone makes a decision and sticks by it. For this issue not to be deemed essential was the one big mistake the government has made.

Go out in the city and see the paralyzing society. Those who cannot leave their homes... those who have no choice but to leave their homes without transportation and walk 4 hours to get to school (this is an actual situation). From reading some posts on forums for certain articles on this issue, some have lost their jobs because they live in the country and could not take a bus to go to work.

Is this really what we need? A society crumbling because of this strike ill-timed. People say the Oc Transpo drivers are affected as well... Let me tell you.. They won't be as affected as we are until they come back as some have already threatened to be "naughty" this season.

All I have to say is Good luck Oc. And Hope everyone out there is doing ok with carpooling and taking different routes as well as going in at other times than usual.. Hang in there!!!

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